Online Fire Safety Training

Online Fire Safety Training

Spectrum Fire Protection Ltd are pleased to announce a new ‘low cost’ blended approach to classroom based fire training.

Our associate company AT&F Solutions Ltd offer a range of ‘Mandatory’ health and safety training courses via a unique web based learning management system.

All clients are issued with their own secure login details.

Fire safety training is now available at a time convenient to your staff with 24/7 access and a low cost per head, training has ever been so easy to deploy, track and manage.

To evaluate and find out for yourself, click the following link and we will send you full details along with a User ID and Password to access the site for free.

DEMO AREA: please click here

Once inside you will see the fire training course, click tutorial and then launch the course. You can return at anytime using your new login details.

We also have a complete range of other H&S training courses available via the same system. Please ask for details.

Now you can train your entire workforce and stay fully compliant without breaking any budgets.

Should you have any questions feel free to contact AT&F direct on 01905 371321