Spectrum Fire Protection (UK) Ltd is currently undergoing the accreditation process to become LPS 1014 and LPS 1204 certificated company. This would further enhance the already impressive third party accreditation that Spectrum holds, including BAFE SP203, LPS 1048 and BAFE ST104.

Brought on by an influx of special risk projects that both compliment the LPS 1014 and LPS 1204 schemes, it was decided internally that it was now the right time to apply for these to provide the comfort to the customers that the design and workmanship of Spectrum Fire is supervised and audited by The Loss Prevention Certification Board. As described on the LPCB’s Redbook Live website, ‘Even with the best equipment, fire detection and alarm systems are only effective if correctly designed, installed, commissioned and serviced. It is therefore important that specifiers select only competent firms with a proven track record to undertake the work.’

Below is a brief outline of the accreditations that Spectrum Fire already hold, and what they are working towards, detailing the benefits of the schemes and what it means for the end user. To further benefit the quality of Spectrum Fire’s portfolio, it is a requirement of all of the following schemes that the company is fully compliant with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System, and is audited throughout the year to ensure this compliance is carried forward.


Spectrum Fire’s inclusion in this scheme provides the end user with the peace of mind that they are using a contractor who fulfils the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Fire and Rescue Services (Northern Ireland) Order 2006. The direct employment of technicians who have been proved to be competent in their field for service and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers, further enhances Spectrum’s compliance, outlined by the many successful audits that have taken place since certification was initially gained over 25 years ago. Spectrum are proud to be one of the first independent fire protection companies during 1991 to be certificated to BAFE SP101 / ST104.


The BAFE SP203-1  scheme is split in to four modules, System Design, Installation, Commissioning, and Handover/Maintenance. The certification the Spectrum Fire has gained within this scheme is inclusive of all four of these elements and includes both Part 1 and Part 6 systems. This is proof that as a company, Spectrum is able to provide a first class service throughout the life of any Fire Alarm installation.

Throughout the course of a project or service level agreement, Spectrum Fire are able to show excellence in their knowledge of Fire Detection & Alarm Systems (FD&A), providing design certification through to Completion, and offering Handover and Post-Warranty maintenance packages to suit the client. A requirement of the Scheme is to offer emergency assistance to contracted customers, which is one of the many Key Performance Indicators that is audited periodically throughout the year.

Spectrum was the first company in the UK to be certificated to BAFE SP203-1 all modules by BSI product services.


As an Approved Level 3 Contractor, Spectrum Fire Protection is able to offer full bespoke sprinkler packages on all aspects of Fire Sprinkler projects. Our technical offering and project experience includes Pre-Calculated Ordinary Hazard systems, Special Risks Fire Protection Systems including Pre-action, Deluge and Foam Systems, through to Fully Hydraulically Calculated warehouses. Full design, installation and handover is be completed by our in house personnel. In addition to the projects, maintenance contracts are carried out to the highest standard to suit the system that is installed, including 24-hour call out facilities as required by the certificating body.

As a Level 3 contractor, any LPS 1048 Certificate of Conformity that is issued is fully supervised by the LPCB themselves, therefore providing absolute confidence to the end user that the system has been designed, installed and commissioned correctly.



In addition to the current BAFE SP203-1 accreditation, Spectrum Fire recognises the requirements of many insurers and specifiers of the importance of being registered to the LPS 1014 scheme. By meeting the requirements of LPS 1014, Spectrum Fire Protection will be able to provide a single Certificate of Conformity to encompass the whole project, benefitting all parties concerned, such as the end user, the main contractor, insurers, fire brigade, etc.

In order to gain this certification, Spectrum is currently demonstrating their competence to ensure that the requirements of BS5839-1 are followed, and that any equipment used is approved by a third party accreditation scheme. By doing so, it enable the company to issue a LPCB Certificate of Conformity as part of a contract, which will;
– certify that the fire detection and alarm system was designed, installed and commissioned in accordance with the installation rules applied, and
– ensure that the system is recorded by LPCB as a certificated fire detection and alarm installation.


The main purpose of the LPS 1204 scheme is to provide the end user with the assurance that a fixed fire fighting system, i.e. a Gaseous Extinguishing System, has been designed and installed correctly to ensure that its performance is as intended.

In order to comply with the requirements of the LPS 1204 scheme, Spectrum is currently demonstrating to the LPCB that they are competent in the following aspects:
– Selection of the appropriate extinguishing gas type
– Competent to specify the required extinguishing design concentration
– Check on the enclosure integrity and leakage rates
– Design of discharge and post-discharge venting
– Electrical system integration of the system.

On any project that is carried out by Spectrum Fire under the LPS1204 scheme, it is a requirement that a LPS 1204 Certificate of Conformity is issued in respect of each completed system, extension or alteration. The issuing of this certificate will;
– Certify that the gas extinguishing system, extension or alteration has been designed, installed and commissioned in accordance with the recognised standards identified in LPS 1204, and
– Ensures that the certified system, extension or alteration is recorded by the LPCB.

As a company, Spectrum Fire are always wanting to expand and ensure that we are providing a quality service to the customer, as is demonstrated by the various accreditations that are currently complete or are being completed.

Should you have any projects or works that is required to be certified in such a way, please do not hesitate to contact the company (hyperlink), where they will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and provide competitive offers to suit.


Some of the projects that Spectrum Fire are currently working on or have been given the purchase order for…

Pertemps Recruitment Agency – Fire Alarm
Spectrum Fire has been commissioned for the upgrade of the existing Fire Alarm system throughout the main headquarters of Pertemps Recruitment at the Grade II Listed Meriden Hall Estate. Completing the installation of an L4 category system around a working environment with minimal disruption has its difficulties, but with careful and consistent project management, the project shall meet all of the contractual obligations specified. The system has been designed around an Emergency 54 Inim network which features 15 loops running two protocols including wireless Argus and also Inim Electronics LPCB certified range of detection devices. The project has been submitted to the LPCB for third party accreditation to LPS 1014.

Covpress – Fire Alarm
Spectrum Fire has been commissioned for the upgrade of the existing Fire Alarm system throughout Covpress Manufacturing Site. The existing fire alarm & detection system can no longer be supported due to product obsolescence. The entire system shall be replaced whilst retaining the field wiring using Inim Electronics EN54 Network control panels and peripheral devices.

Pertemps Recruitment Agency – Server Room Suppression Systems – Kidde Novec 1230
2015-12-09 09.20.50In addition to the new Fire Alarm installation, Spectrum Fire has installed two separate Kidde Novec 1230 Gaseous Extinguishant systems to the server rooms at Meriden Hall to the requirements of BS 6266 & EN 15004. Computer systems are a central part of all businesses in today’s technological age, so protecting them from the threat of fire is a must to any businesses continuity plan. Integration between the suppression system and main house fire alarm is included within the two projects to alert in the event of an activation within the server rooms. The project has been submitted to the LPCB for third party accreditation to LPS 1204.

Residential Sprinkler Installation – Huntingdon
Complying with BS9251:2014, Spectrum Fire started the 2015-11-25 17.40.27installation of a 64-Bed care home in Huntingdon for a Care Home Developer at the end of October. W
orking in line with the main building programme to ensure all systems are being installed at their earliest stage to ensure other trades can install their systems too, Spectrum are satisfying the requirements of the main contractor and leaving a lasting impression which will lead to more projects with them in the future.

Toyota Burnaston
Continuing support and ongoing maintenance is a part of our contract with the Toyota Motor Manufacturing site at Burnaston, Derby. Working closely with the sites various workshop personnel, we maintain all process sprinkler systems, including the detection and activation systems, to ensure that the protection of the plant is always working correctly.

Howdens Joinery, Runcorn
The installation of two IG55 (Argonite) systems has been awarded to Spectrum Fire by Howdens Joinery at the Runcorn Depot. Protection of 2 of the sub-stations with the inert non-liquefied gas systems is the first step to hopefully many more projects with the client, and the beginning of a fruitful partnership. This project is also being supervised under the LPS 1204 scheme, and the intention is for both systems to be awarded Certificate of Compliance’s for the client insurance benefits.


santas-coming-to-town-1-638With Christmas approaching fast, Spectrum Fire is this year taking part in a ‘Murder at Mounton Abbey’ night at Ramada Sutton Coldfield. Keep an eye out for our December post where photos and more details on the happenings, and who done it, will be revealed!