Over the past 12-18 months, Spectrum Fire Protection (UK) Ltd have been scouring through the many options available with regards to a new Business Management System (BMS) to improve our reliability with regards to booking work in, responding to call-outs, installation works, etc. We are pleased to announce that over the past 6 months, we agreed upon a new system in co-operation with Gabriel Scientific Consultancy to bIsolated mouse with a corde installed and worked upon as our BMS, with information being uploaded from our existing databases onto the system by Gabriel, and the finishing touches being done in-house by our own trained skilled operatives.


Following a Focus Group meeting held by the group leaders Claire Davis and Alan Jones, we have now rolled out the Extinguisher division on this system, with our other disciplines following suit shortly after. Within the meeting between the leaders and the group’s members, discussions were held regarding the trial dates for the App based phone system for the engineers, the transition date for new and old to run parallel for a short period of time, and the switch date to the new Business Management System for the extinguisher division. Confirmation will be given in due course for the actual dates, but at this present moment in time, we are currently looking at a full changeover date of 1-2 months for the extinguishers, with the Sprinkler Division to follow on shortly after that. All of our operatives will be receiving full training on the system prior to the roll-out to ensure a smooth transition for the customers, who should see an improvement in productivity from the outset.


As well as improving our productivity by using such a Business Management System, we believe that in operating this type of system, where we will be using less and less paper based systems, we are assisting our application for BS EN ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems, along with improving our ISO9001 accreditation.